How to educate a child leaving him the right to be oneself?

Every parent must remember that your child is already a small person, and therefore you need to take into account his opinion. How he will show his demands will depend mainly on his upbringing, family foundations and his personal opinion.

Therefore, parents should pay attention to how the child behaves in society, at home, respects the opinion of the elders, whether the nanny is listening.

Parents should show the correct reaction to the actions of the child, because from what they express – disapproval or approval to his behavior, his worldview will depend.

If you are unhappy with how the child behaves, it is worth starting to express your opinion from the words “I”. No need to “poke” him. Try to say that and you will notice how this simple replacement will affect the baby.

It is necessary to concentrate your attention not on the child, but on his behavior. For example, if the child begins to scream, he does not need to say such words: “Stop screaming!”, Just tell him:” I would like to know what you think, tell me this in a calm tone, please “. Speak in this spirit.

Do not forget that all the efforts of the baby are corrected, even if they are minimal, you need to encourage. After all, your attention is very important for him, this method can correct his behavior.

The child can be praised

Speak praise, ending with the words that you are proud of him.

Just remember the golden rule that you need to know the measure in everything, even in praise. If you praise him, he will feel it, and therefore will understand that this is not his merit, but you just chose this method of education. This awareness will very upset the baby.

The child must understand that you praise and are proud of him for his merits, this will motivate him to do good and good deeds, go to the set goal. In the end, all your efforts will pay off his successes, and when your baby becomes an adult, he will kindly thank you for his work.

Nanny for the child

Many parents, for the desire to provide the child with all the joys, hire a nanny, and they work themselves, or rather earn a child for the future. This is not always a good choice, because the warmth of the mother will not replace nothing and no one, we recommend finding a job, or agree on the opportunity to work on a schedule in 4 days for example. Of course, the amount of the salary will not be so large, but you can spend more time with your child, which means you will rejoice and delight.

And a little advice: if you decide to hire a nanny, we advise you first of all to contact a personnel agency if there are no acquaintances. Because it is the recruitment agencies who select workers strictly according to the criterion and will not miss a random person with small experience.