How to entertain the little godson when she is visiting?

To be godfather is not just a formality and you need to be prepared, that from time to time, you, as a godfather, will have to look after your godfather as an opportunity, if there is such an opportunity. But it is not necessary to invite her only when you need to look after her, because you can bring her home in any free time for you and the child to spend as much time as possible with the baby, it is better to find out, participate in her upbringing.

But many women, especially those who do not have their children, do not have sufficient experience and communication skills with children. As a result, they can feel uncertain next to the child, be afraid to seem to him boring or too adulthood. It is not necessary to have a conversation with him on some serious topics.

Children at this age love to have fun. You can first play something classic, for example, dolls, then you can play hide and seek, catch up, blasts. You can also let your child play a little on an ordinary or tablet computer, for example, online games about Barbie on, or dressing rooms. After all, girls from a very early age show their love in beautiful clothes, hairstyles, etc. D. But you can not give your child too much time to mess with the monitor, t. To. it is harmful to his eyes and they can be tired.

You can also wear the child accordingly weather and go for a walk in the park or near the house, breathe a little fresh air. Typically, starting from 3-4 years with babies, it is not boring and there will not be awkward situations, because at this time they are interested in everything that surrounds them and they begin to ask questions. You can buy in advance paints or other sets for children’s creativity in order to spend time not only interesting, but also interest the baby with something new, make her contribution to the discovery of her talents and creative potential.