How to find out whether a girl loves you

Of course, many young people want to find out if this or that person loves them, and everything, both girls and guys. But, we will talk about the guys. After all, many guys do not understand female psychology at all, and are already being held in one glance, even accidentally thrown in his direction.

In general, how to find out if the girl loves you to know absolutely all the guys, even if the girl is not interesting to him, and he does not feel any sympathy for her. The oldest truth says that if a girl breathes unevenly to a guy, she will behave strangely in his presence. Many guys very often watch Hollywood films in which loved girls drop plugs, hit the first objects that come across, but, this is just a film, but in fact it can only be for the reason when the girl is really an awkward bustle.

The second truth suggests that if a girl loves a guy, then she will behave openly, directly flirt, especially smile, cast a look in your direction. But here you can upset young people. If a girl behaves like that and laughs loudly, this does not mean that she likes you, but if it is not a question, of course, about a nine -grader who has a culture only at the middle stage of development. Also, a girl can behave like that because you attract her in an intimate plan, no more.

Many guys pay great attention only to the gestures and actions of the girl. If she sometimes smiles at him, but not as open as in the above case, she behaves strangely, blushes, if you say something to her, these are signs that she clearly likes you. Also, if a girl is in love with you, then she will constantly strive to somehow touch you, touch, this is also signs of sympathy for your person. But, do not immediately lead to these tricks, you need to wait a bit.