How to introduce children’s mixtures into the child’s diet?

Breast milk is the best that mother can give to her baby. However, there are situations when you need to transfer the baby from natural to artificial feeding. This most often happens when mom goes to work. How best to excommunicate the baby from the chest and at the same time not to harm him?

Ideally, introduce children’s mixtures into the baby’s diet gradually, at least for 3-4 weeks. This will make the process of refusing breast milk as painless for the baby’s psyche.

It is recommended to start giving the mixture instead of one breastfeeding per day. It is best to choose exactly the time when the mother in the breast is the least of all milk. In this mode, it is worth feeding the baby for 4 maximum 5 days, after which you can replace the following breastfeeding with artificial. After 4 days, you should replace the same scheme. Thus, a smooth transition from breastfeeding is carried out on the mixture.


If you are limited in time and cannot gradually accustom the child to feeding mixtures, then he should pay more attention so that he feels your love for him. After all, everyone knows that with natural feeding between the baby and the mother an invisible strong connection forms, which is why it should be more often caressed, reassured and, of course, try to talk more with him. It will be good if the first bottle with a mixture will give a father or one of the relatives, since the baby’s mother is associated, first of all, with breastfeeding.

The transition to artificial feeding is fraught with a lot of trouble for a woman. So if your breasts become painful and seals appear in it, then it must be carefully massaged and explored with excess milk. However, it is not worth completely expressing milk, as this can lead to an increase in its development.