How to prepare a child for school

As a rule, you can start preparing a child for school from 5-6 years of age. But how should parents act in this regard, so that the child goes to school prepared. I must say that one of the most important points is communication with peers. T. e. The child must visit the places where it will be very convenient for him to communicate with his peers.

It is very good when a child goes to a kindergarten, where educators will prepare him. However, if he does not walk, then his parents need to try to make him so that he, at least the last year before the school, was like a kindergarten. If this is not possible, then you need to try so that the child finds the opportunity to communicate in front of the school with his peers.

It is during this period that the child can ask his parents a lot of questions. And from the side of the parents you do not need to ignore them. However, if a question is asked, to which parents do not know the answer, then there is no need to invent anything, but it is better to tell the child that there is no answer to it and you can answer it later.

In any case, you cannot force the child to study. He must do this on his own and with the desire. If the child is 5 years old, and he still does not know how to read, then for such an age this is normal. For at school it will surely be taught to read. But as for the development of his individual abilities, it is necessary to develop them before the school.

Moreover, teaching children to read at an early age will only be harmful. Nature itself “says” that until 7 years the child should play, and not study. So until this time, parents can only engage in the development of the character and personality of the child.

But as for giving the child to any circle or section, this is very good. Only when choosing a studio, you need to deal with what the child will do and what is the training program. To make a job in the circle benefit him.