How to prevent jealousy between children

The decision to give birth to a second child in most cases is a conscious, well -thought -out and planned step. But even in this case, doubts can overcome you: can I give as much love to the second child as the first? After all, it seems that it is simply impossible to love more. And only with the birth of the second child does the realization come that love does not need to be divided, maternal love is limitless.

But how to explain to the older child that with the advent of his sister or brother, you will not love him less? Many parents make a mistake by purchasing different gifts and toys for children. Thereby causing a sense of jealousy in both children. If you decide to buy, for example, a set for a selfie or selfie stick, then make sure that each of the children has its own. Thanks to the HTTP online store, it is quite simple to do it. This online store presents profitable prices and a wide selection of models, which will allow you to buy a selfie stick based on your preferences.

No matter how hard you try, to pay equal attention to both children will not be able to. It will be good if you prepare the elder in advance for the appearance of the child. Tell the child that he will soon have a sister or brother who will love him very much. During pregnancy, allow him to iron your tummy, consult him when choosing a dowry for a newborn, dream about joint walks and games, discuss the names that you plan to name the baby together. And after the birth of the baby, help your children spend more time together. Attract the eldest to care for the baby, ask him to help, for example, bring a diaper, give the cream and do not get tired of thanking him for his help.

The child should feel his significance. Say that the baby needs love and caress not only mom and dad, but also from his part. And yet, no matter how you are busy with worries about the newborn, find the time for the older child, when your attention will belong only to him. And most importantly, repeat more often how much you love your children!