How to purchase real estate without the help of intermediaries

If a person has decided on the cost of the apartment, its location, architectural characteristics, first of all, you should view the versions of advertising media (newspapers, Ssianrealty. . I like the sentences must be written out or printed.

Then the most interesting process begins – calls on the indicated phone numbers. In the conversation, you need to find out as much information as possible so that you do not go to the opinion of the apartment in vain. A very important question is the apartment is free or alternative. A free apartment in Tuchkovo and other settlements means the absence of residents prescribed in it. An alternative apartment is usually sold with the condition of buying another living space. The advantage of the first is that the transaction process is faster, but there are quite few offers for such apartments than alternative, and their cost is much larger.

Be sure to check the cleanliness of the apartment from a legal point of view. And not only the ones you get, but also the apartment that sellers are going to buy. This is done so that the transaction does not suffer later in the event of violations. It should be properly interested in the condition of the apartment. In no case should you be afraid to ask unnecessary questions about the state of floors, walls, entrance, intercom. Having learned more information on the phone, you will save your time, having come to inspect the apartment.

So, the apartment that satisfies your criteria has been chosen, the inspection passed. Next, you should stipulate the sales time, be sure to indicate in the contract a clause on the return of prepayment in case of refusal to sell the apartment. With a successful combination of all of the above points, the transfer of the deposit both parties agree to conclude a deal. The apartment should be paid completely through the deposit cell in the bank, which the seller will receive access only after signing the contract of sale.

When signing the contract, you should pay attention to the presence of typos, carefully study all the terms of the contract and other nuances. After signing, the contract of sale must be registered in the relevant organizations. In the act of acceptance of the apartment, it is necessary to indicate the name, passport data, as well as write that the buyer accepted the apartment, and the seller sold it on the basis of the contract (indicating the details). And in the conclusion of the transaction, be sure to ask a receipt from the seller on receipt of funds.