How to raise a child with good

Very often we become witnesses of cruelty in children, and we do not understand where it came from. After all, the child comes to the world so pure, so positive and cute. Psychologists say that everything has come across since childhood. They say that children are our reflection, this is a family mirror. And by raising a child we can say what and how the family lives.

While the child is small ..

When a child appears in the family, we begin to read a sea of ​​literature, break the pages of the Internet, and it seemed that we know everything in the world. But as a result, we are very pampering the newborn baby, momentarily fulfilling all his desires. The kid gets used to this, gets used to getting what he wants, and does not know how to wait. Often, parents love their baby, that they don’t even notice how they pamper him. The child becomes the center of the family, everyone is lingering with him, everyone resolves. As a result, we receive a child who does not know the word “no” and “impossible” at all. And one who does not know how to control his desires will not be able to respect the desires of other people.

Already at an older age, it is necessary to train the peanut to dispose of your toys and things at your discretion. Teach your baby the golden rule: “Do with others as they do with you”. And remember, everyone has the right to defend their rights, and civilized to fight for them. So do not forbid to do this to your baby.

It is also necessary to teach your peanut tolerant of people with different physical disabilities. He must understand that appearance is not the main characteristic and assessment of a person.

The most difficult age

The child’s especially complex age is a transitional age. Here, even the most wise and experienced psychologists do not give specific advice and instructions. The only thing you can do is to show that your love is omnipotent and all -in -person. No need to scold a teenager, shame him, make fun of. Now not only you teach your child, but he is also able to teach you a lot. Try to learn how to negotiate and respect the opinion and interests of each other. It is very useful to find some common interests and understand the protesting teenager. Believe me, your efforts will bring amazing results.