How to swim right to lose weight

Swimming is the best alternative to run. In this case, immunity is still good. For some people, swimming serves to lose weight.

Processes in the body when swimming

Even if you just splash in water, then this also burns excess calories and stimulates the metabolism. When a person swims for absolutely all muscles, breathing becomes deeper. But there are many people who do not think that they can lose weight from swimming. But due to the fact that the body moves in water, any load on the musculoskeletal system is excluded. In water, you can also perform different exercises with different loads, since the body is actually in weightlessness. Not only young people can swim, but also elderly or with some restrictions.

During water procedures, the skin receives hydromassage, and if swimming is not in the pool, but to the sea, then the skin is still enriched with the necessary salts. And if you look at the burning of calories during swimming, then the run is burned 100 kcalories less.

How to lose weight more efficiently

In order to lose weight correctly in the pool and the money spent on the subscription was not just thrown out, it is worth knowing how to swim. To stimulate the process of burning fat, it is necessary to swim either a rabbit or a butterfly. Thanks to these two swimming techniques, you can tighten the press, straighten the spine and get rid of the “extra” on the sides. In addition, it is believed that the “rabbit” technique is capable of burning up to 600 kcal per hour. For a good training, it is not necessary to constantly swim in the pool, but just relax on the surface of the water. For example, warm up for 5 minutes, then actively swim for 20 minutes, then another 5 minutes of relaxation in water. It is necessary to finish training at a calm pace.

As for the frequency of classes, you need to practice at least 45 minutes in one training session. And the frequency of training can be 3 per week. If there are more training, then the muscle mass will begin to increase.

But still some make mistakes. For example, you have to swim all 45 minutes, and not just stand in the water. And after training at least 1.5 hours do not eat food.