How to teach a child to a pot?

The sooner you begin to accustom the child to the pot, the faster he will get used to this. Of course, for this you need to constantly observe the child and understand when he wants to go to the toilet, it is not difficult to notice, usually the child calms down and freezes, this moment can not be missed and immediately put on the pot, if everything went well to praise the baby.

Often young parents have difficulties with teaching the child to the pot due to the wrong pot. In this case, it makes sense to visit one of the specialized children’s stores, such as choosing a pot that your baby will like there there. Try to choose a pot not to your taste, but going out of your baby’s taste. For example, if he loves toys in the form of bears, find a similar pot.

You can beat this process, for example, put a pot in the place where the child is constantly hiding, and just went hiding and put it on the pot, the child will have fun and he will do all his deeds. In some individual cases, the pot is best chosen to choose the usual without any jewelry, so that the baby does not take it for the toy, but clearly understands its purpose.

So that the child does not cry and does not be capricious when they put him on the pot for the first time give him his favorite toys with him, which can easily be found in the children’s online store, so that he was somehow distracted.

You can teach a child to a pot in six months, it is best to start this process with the age of 1 year, and at a year and a half the child will already ask for a pot, of course, there will be exceptions when the child can be very passionate about the game, but over time it will pass, at night Also every two to three hours the child needs to be lifted and planted on the pot.

Remember that only your attentive attitude and patience will help the baby quickly learn to use the pot.