How to understand the behavior of a man

Everyone knows that today male treason has become almost commonplace. The strong half of humanity justifies this with its polygamy, forgetting that a woman should feel protected. The main advantage of a man has always been not only the ability to provide a family, but to be a reliable support in life, to protect from troubles and suffering. Unfortunately, the statistics of divorces do not speak in favor of strengthening the family. And here is not only the reasons for the instability of society, but in the psychology of spouses.

The sensitivity of a woman

No love secrets can remain unknown to a woman who is always sensitive to the slightest change in the behavior of a man sometimes at an intuitive and subconscious level.

Causes of betrayal

Why do betrayals happen even where the marriage was in love, and the family was outwardly considered strong and prosperous?

It happens that the woman herself pushes her husband to treason, underestimating him as a man. And he begins to look for new impressions on the side, because his wife becomes uninteresting, familiar, he tells her affectionate words less and less, trying to leave the house. Often the cause of treason becomes dissatisfaction with an intimate relationship, and the search for a woman who can bring bright colors to a love life begins. At the same time, a man often does not intend to leave his wife and change the established lifestyle, and he begins to skillfully, from his point of view, hide his betrayal. However, some do not even consider themselves guilty, but consider hobbies on the side as a normal phenomenon. And sometimes, feeling their guilt, they try to behave in relation to their wife too carefully, buying gifts and flowers. But this is only so that his hobbies on the side remain a secret for his wife. These attempts are absurd and doomed to failure, because insincerity and falsehood do not slip away from the attentive woman, despite the assurances of love and their affection, and fidelity.

Another type of male behavior after treason consists in the desire to shift the guilt of a woman. And then reproaches begin, stormy scenes of jealousy to calm their conscience. The peculiar revenge of a man who specially inspired the idea of ​​his wife’s guilt is disgusting in nature and testifies to the weakness of a man. Relations in marriage depend on both, the gap is always painfully experienced by spouses experiencing psychological stress, to get out of which with dignity is very difficult.