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How to find out the feelings of a man, is he in love with you. This issue is especially acute when the woman herself is in love with this man, but is afraid to open to him, fearing refusal. It is very difficult to survive the refusal, it is better to be in a happy ignorance.

But no matter how a man hides his true feelings, take a closer look at him and his involuntary gestures, actions will give him out, and you will learn about his true feelings for you, be a little more careful.

Signs of love

A man in love involuntarily indulges in your desires, wants to please you, I agree with you in everything. But you may not guess about it, he carefully hides it. If he wants to make coffee only to you, he will make it to all women, so that you and those around you do not guess about his feelings.

He carefully listens to all your desires, and if you accidentally say that this sweater is not going to, you will never see it again. And an accidentally dropped phrase about delightful custard cakes sold near the central market will lead to the fact that you will see them tomorrow to the common morning coffee.

One of the obvious signs of his special attitude towards you is the possibility of entering his intimate space. A man does not allow him not a pretty woman closer to him than half a meter. This is a taboo. The following signs, he began to dress better, went in the old year and suddenly he was in a new suit, a neat hairstyle, and it smells of something expensive. Know this all for you. He has a loud laughter, he always tries to be in the spotlight, he has a bunch of new and witty jokes and this is also for you. If you are not sure that all this is done for you, then look in his eyes.


The man in love gives his gaze, you will see that he is carefully trying to hide. But the eyes are eloquent than words and gestures, and knowing this, the man looks away, trying not to meet you. And if he does this, then he really likes you and this divert of his eyes an attempt to save the remnants of his male pride. But if you turn away or even just look away, he just just devours you with a look, unable to take your eyes off you.

These are such conflicting actions. There is only one way out, take the initiative into your own hands, he is yours, he loves you madly.