How to understand whether you love a person or not?

Relations with the opposite sex for a long time remained a mystery and an indispensable secret, which was not always possible to comprehend, even carefully observing the beloved. Sometimes a guy and a girl himself cannot figure out his relationship.

Today everything is fine, they laugh, have fun, enjoy a romantic evening, and so on. But after some time, as if they had a strip of bad luck: causeless disputes, next quarrels, misunderstanding and all that kind. What happened to our lovers? After all, only yesterday they enjoyed the presence of each other, looked at each other tenderly, rejoicing at every minute spent together. And today everything is different ..

Unfortunately, no one can answer this question. Predicting the state of a person, which is determined not by reason, but sensory perception is practically not possible. According to psychologists, emotions, feelings and passion – these are those movable forces of the human body that affects the behavior of a person.

How to understand whether you love a person or not? What makes you be with him? What forces drive you when you once again regret your quarrel and try to find the way to reconciliation in every way. Intelligence? No, only the state of soul and heart determines such behavior when the girl contrary to all her principles forgives the guy, closes her eyes to all his shortcomings, accepts him as he really is and does not require anything in return for him.

How to understand whether you love a guy or not? It is enough to analyze your relationship. What they are? Is it good for you with him? What are you ready for the sake of a loved one? What deeds are you ready to forgive him? Do you miss one one after another during a long departure? Do you feel trembling when you meet? Does your heart beat strongly and so on.

Thinking about these issues, you will at least understand your feelings a little, you will understand what is happening to you, you can determine your spiritual state.

This is the only way you will understand, this is a real love or just a passion that is accompanied by a sense of habit. No wonder they say that the power of love is measured by time and distance. In fact, this is a really good way to test your feelings.

How do you relate to the fact that your beloved will be gathering to leave for several months, or even more. What will you feel at the moment when he will tell you about it. If you feel sad, and you suddenly become sad, then most likely this is love. Sometimes, when a lover is going to leave the city for an indefinite period, the girl feels relief and even the joy that they can relax a little from each other. In this case, we can definitely say that this is not love!