If the child is offended at school

Very often happens that his peers and classmates can be offended. This situation can adversely affect his psyche. Therefore, you need to solve the problem very quickly.

One of the solutions of the problem may be his transfer to another school, for example, a Lyceum 1502 or any other serious institution. School change will require adaptation to new classmates and will give your child the opportunity to show himself only from the best side.

If this fails, then the child will come from school depressed, crying, with injuries. He will become isolated in himself, stop communicating, begins to evade questions from questions. In order not to go to classes, a disease or malaise can simulate. Perhaps not very valuable things that interest the offender will begin to disappear. His performance will decrease at school.

In this case, you decide to fiercely defend your child. But think about whether it will become only worse from this? A child is not just to manifest himself in a team, but much easier to understand weaknesses. The child can have a severe character – he can be passive, uncertain, too sensitive and vulnerable.

Offended children accumulate resentment. They are closed, become alone, begin to lie, brag, yabed or even take revenge on offenders.

It would be good if you had not interfered, but there is a different case. It is so important to provide parental support than to emphasize.

It is important to talk with the child, learn about what he is doing in the breaks, what his friends he has. Should attend school meetings. Contact with the head of the class, learn about what is happening in the classroom. Make friends with classmates parents.

It would be nice to send the child to additional classes, to the section. When you are completely confident that bullying is really inherent, discuss this with the class teacher and school psychologist. Teach a child how to behave with other people, to be friendly, more activity, restrain and yield, and, when necessary, stand up for your rightness. After all, the more confidence has, the faster he will grab everything. And in order to increase the authority and prestige of your child, try to use it in school important matters. It would not hurt to organize events for your child and his friends. After all, if you do it – parents, the child will feel more comfortable and safer.

Mockery at school, a very common phenomenon. And most parents accuse teachers of this, but, as a rule, they are mistaken. But experts, in turn, say – “Parents are guilty. They would pay more attention to children, nothing would happen “.