If your man does not like your mother

Mom is even a person and dear and wants you only the best, but sometimes it just becomes unbearable. Especially when not only comments on your choice of a man, but also insists that he is not a couple. What to do?


Try to talk with mom without excessive emotions. Let it argue your arguments. You, in turn, try to listen carefully to her, who knows, maybe her arguments actually have the right to life. Remember that you are two adults and smart women who are able to seriously discuss any problem and find a way out.

Invite mom to visit.

On your territory it is you who establish the rules. Invite mom to visit a week where you live with your man. Keep in mind that this is necessary to do this with the consistency of a man and only if you are sure that he will withstand this test with honor and dignity. Let mom look with his own eyes at what kind of master he is and how he treats you in everyday life. This will be the best proof that your mother is mistaken.

Meet mom to his parents.

Let your mother meet his family. Moms will be able to find a common language among themselves and tell a lot of interesting things about their children. There is a high probability that your mother will change her opinion after that.

Blackmail will always help.

Yours, like all other mothers, are very afraid that now that the husband will take a lot of time, you rarely see her. If no other methods help, try the cardinal method – blackmail. Tell me that if mom still insists on your break, you will buy a room in Vladimir and come to visit her only on big holidays. The fear of such a distance will force your mother if you do not accept your man, then come to terms with the fact that he is.

But in order to prevent problems from initially, correctly prepare your mother for the fact that you are an adult and a man will appear in your life soon.