Independent tours in Finland in Luo

Many visitors to the Luo ski resort say that from him to give a hand to the polar circle. And this is not an exaggeration of the enchanted by the beauty of winter nature and climatic conditions of tourists, but a fact confirmed by scientific research.

So, Luosto is located in the very heart of Lapland and for most guests is both the embodiment of the New Year’s fairy tale and the center of ski sports with developed infrastructure and hotels included in the online reservation system of hotel rooms in Helsinki and other cities of the world. In addition, it is in Louosto that travelers are given a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the Sami culture “in its purest form”.

One of the most popular types of active pastime in Luo is skiing, for which there is everything you need in the resort: fluffy snow, sunny frosty weather, its variety of relief and two ski centers – Luo and Pyuhi. The first is famous for the high -quality “green” tracks of Luistinrinne and Välirenene, where novice athletes are gaining experience, while the Puha, especially the “black” high -ukko highway, is a paradise for fans of extreme, snowy whirlwinds and complex pirouettes.

It should be noted that independently organized trips to Louosto are especially good, because when drawing up an entertainment program, you can take time for snowmobiles on snowmobiles, campaigns on snowshields on the untouched snow -covered expanses of Northern Finland, driving in deer and dog sledges.

Note that the breeding of the Husky and the Virgin deer is one of the integral elements of the original Sami culture, and it is on Louosto farms that tourists are given the opportunity to become witnesses of such painstaking work. Blue -eyed Husky and white -tailed deer are faithful satellites of local residents for centuries, and in nurseries tourists will be able to appreciate the friendly disposition and energy of these domesticated animals.

The rapid development of tourism on the territory of North Finland has become the background of the construction of an extensive network of water-health centers. In Finland, there are more than a hundred such water parks, and one of the best among them is Amethyst SPA, the nature of which is focused on entertainment rest, as well as the provision of recreational services. The center got its name for a reason, because territorially it is located near Amethyst mines, the inspection of which tourists include in most independent rounds on Luo.

Luo’s hotel sector demonstrates a wide range of apartments. It presented both comfortable numbers with all amenities and small cottages made in the best traditions of Lapland, laid out from pine logs. From living in such a Sami “hut” there will remain especially vivid memories, shrouded in the magic of this amazing place.

Louosto is interesting to tourists at any time of the year. Visitors spend the winter months on ski routes, traveling along the surroundings of the resort on dog or deer teams. The summer period is filled with cultural events.

So, the music festivals SKA Swing and Luosto Classic will introduce the guests of Louosto with the musical talents of Finland, while the Sodankylän Elokuvat film festival will become a certificate of high achievements of Finns in the cinematic sphere. Due to the popularity of these cultural events, the concert hall “Ukko-Louosto” and the premises of the Aittakuru Theater in the center of Luosto are filled to capacity. And the participants in the events are trying to book airline tickets in advance online with discounts, as well as input tickets for the most popular cultural events of Finland, scheduled for conducting in Luosto.