Is it possible to have sex for pregnant women

In Soviet times, we were forbidden not only to talk about sex, but even to think, but during pregnancy and even more so. Scarecrow, they can not be injured by a child, this natural process is injured. But go against nature wild. True, you should not do this, because in modern times Canadian scientists have proven that sex for a healthy pregnant woman is only positive emotions that are simply necessary for the body.

Tips for pregnant women for diseases such as bleeding, severe gestosis, inability, passage of amniotic fluid, polyhydramnia, multiple, here you can’t have sex, although the pregnant woman will not have any desire to do it.

Here is a pregnant woman healthy then she does not need to deprive herself pleasure. In because of this process in the uterus and in the body of a woman, blood circulation improves, which means it becomes better in the placenta. It is clear that if everything is fine in the placenta, then the baby will eat better. In addition, everyone knows that in sperm there are enzymes, hormones, especially this prostglandins, because they prepare a woman in the third trimester directly for childbirth. Prostglandins are an enzyme that helps to smooth the cervix, therefore it is very important to start the development of birth activities. And also due to the fact that a pregnant woman stably has sex muscles in the vagina are in good shape and they adequately respond to the birth process. Going out of these data with the health of both partners, they can have sex before childbirth.

And if you still worry about the baby, then it’s not worth it because the baby has a very good sewn up. Firstly, these are the muscles of the abdomen as well as 2 fat layers, then the connective tissue with the uterus and abdominal muscles, the uterus that consists of three layers of muscles, then the amniotic fluid and the mucous plug that protects from the neck of the neck in the uterus. Only hormones – endorphins that we get in the process of sex, that is, hormones of joy and pleasure, so your baby is in a state of peace and tranquility in the process of sex.