Is it possible to make a shugaring at home?

First, clarify the question of what shugaring is? This is a fairly old method of hair removal, known for many centuries and has originated in the eastern countries. Shugaring in our time also bears the names of “Persian hair removal” and “sugar hair removal”. The process itself is very reminiscent of hair removal, only instead of wax is used sugar syrup with lemon juice.

The advantages of shugaring include moderate soreness of the procedure. This is due to the fact that only hairs are removed during the shugaring process. In the case of wax, part of the cells of the upper layer of the epithelium is also removed, which is due to the soreness of wax hair removal. Using sugar hair removal, you will forever forget about redness, bruises and other unpleasant consequences of most other methods of hair removal. Recipes for shugaring and its preparation technology are available on the Internet.

The next advantage is significant hypoallergenicity of sugar hair removal. The component included in the composition is completely natural, which means that most women are suitable for use. Typically, syrup is prepared from 1 kilogram of sugar, 7 tablespoons of lemon juice and 8 tablespoons of water.

The main advantage of shugaring is its cost, ease of recipe and ease of application of the method. All this makes it possible to carry out the procedure of Persian hair removal at home without prejudice to the quality. Although in almost every beauty salon you will be able to offer a shugaring. This removal method allows you to get rid of the problem of ingrown hairs, unlike wax hair removal.

The only restriction for Persian hair removal is hair length. The method is very effective for hairs length from 2 to 4 mm. If the length exceeds the specified, then achieving a good result will be much more difficult.