Is it possible to use gel varnishes at home?

Of course, every girl wants her to always have well -groomed and beautiful pens. Unfortunately, ordinary varnishes do not give the opportunity to enjoy beautiful nails for a long time. Today there is an alternative to ordinary varnish.

It can be an increase in gel or acrylic, as well as gel polishes. Unlike building, gel polish does not spoil the nail plate and does not require its deformation (arches and thickening). In addition to such a manicure, it is much cheaper, and if you purchase some devices and materials, you can please yourself with a high -quality manicure made on your own.

In fact, shellac at home is not so difficult to use, you only need a little patience and skill. Each time such a manicure, everything will be much easier and faster. If you decide to use the gel polish yourself, without the help of a professional, you will need to buy something. And so you need:

– First of all, you need to get a special UV lamp. It is best to purchase a 36 watts lamp. It is much more practical, its large size will allow you to do both manicure and pedicure, without trouble.

– The base and finish are also required. This is a transparent type of varnish, they are both two in one and separately. In this case, it is better not to save. A good base will not only protect your nail, but will also feed, and strengthen the nail plate itself. High -quality finish coating will protect your manicure, not allowing the varnish to crack, peel off, lose color or fade. Both products can be purchased in specialized stores.

– And, of course, you need to purchase colored varnish. Here already give preference to your taste and, of course, monetary capabilities. The choice is quite wide both manufacturers and color palette.

– The last thing you need to have at hand is alcohol. It is needed to remove the sticky layer that remains, after applying the finish and drying of the nails in the lamp.