Male socks of care rules

Now there are many socks on the Internet, but how you get there, your eyes run up: you don’t know what to choose: they sell men’s socks, female, woolen, cotton, linen, silk, and even from bamboo. But whatever you choose – there are rules for caring for them.

First, do not wash white socks with black together. The former can forever lose their original color.

Second, always observe the temperature regime. Socks of 100% cotton can be washed in hot water, nothing will happen to them, but woolen must be washed in water no higher than 30 degrees, otherwise they will lose their appearance.

Third, before washing, it is necessary to clean each toe of dust or fine debris and turn out socks inside out, so they extend better.

Fourth, if the socks are very dirty, they need to be soap with household soap and put down for a couple of hours in a basin without water, after which they easily wash off.

Fifth, after washing we hang up socks in pairs, and do not dry them when direct sunlight gets in – the color of the product may fade.

It is also worth remembering a few more simple and useful rules:

A larger percentage of natural tissues in wear is more pleasant for the skin and healthier for health! If the material contains from 2 to 5 percent of Liraku, then the product will serve longer and does not lose shape. For the summer it is worth choosing cotton socks or linen, and in the cold season it is better to put on your feet warmly: insulated or woolen. It is better to buy them in large quantities – you can consider such a proposal as a case of socks containing, as a rule, 30 pairs.

All socks are made from threads of different thicknesses. And here it is worth noting, the thinner each thread, the better its quality will be. But if the sock has threads of various thicknesses, then they will not last a week.

Now on sale you can see socks with sealing mysk and heel. And it is worth paying much attention to this. In order for the toe to serve you longer and does not deliver discomfort during socks, some manufacturers make the toe separately and then sew it to the product “Loop to the loop”, and the heel will be made of compacted material.

Often we don’t even think that an elastic band in sock is also worth paying attention. She may not have done in the best way, she will give her leg, threads can stick out of it, or vice versa, it may not be strong enough. Good elastic band does not pass the vessels, leaves no traces on the leg, reliably holds the toe and, after stretching, acquires the previous state.