Nail extension gel or acrylic

If you decide to build up your nails, then you must have thought about which material to choose for nail extension. There are several options: silk, resin, acrylic, gel, etc. D. Nowadays, they most often give preference when building nails with gel and acrylic.

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Acrylic for nail extension

The composition of acrylic to build nails includes ethylmetcryl, which, compared to previously used methyl methacrylate, does not harm nails and is not toxic material. Acrylic nails can be made of any shades, as well as inside the material, put.

The disadvantages of acrylic for nail extension include the following: this material is not able to pass air, which means that the nails periodically need rest (every three weeks). When increasing, the acrylic coating must be polished and filled with, but an unpleasant smell from dust will be released. Acryl yellow over time and does not shine like a gel.

Nail building gel

Such material passes air, natural nails do not deteriorate and continue to grow. The nail extension gel dries with an ultraviolet lamp, due to which the risk of the appearance of the fungus is excluded. The gel itself spreads and is quite easily aligned on the nail plate. During the growth of natural nails, artificial nails “grow” with them and do not disappear. Gel nails do not turn yellow and have a smooth surface.

The disadvantage of such a material is that when removing gel nails, a file or a special apparatus is used, as a result of which the nail can be injured.

In any case, overhead nails do not require special care. The varnish on them lasts for a long time, the cuticle does not grow, and the broken nail can be easily restored. Nevertheless, despite the differences between acrylic and gel, they have their own supporters and everyone chooses the most suitable option for themselves.