Needlework in the technique of quilling

Among women, girls and children more than hearts are won by Quilling technique. What is it and what it is eaten with? In the right to say, quilling is a skill in which it is necessary to twist the beauty from the stripes of papers. Otherwise it is called paper filigree.

The meaning of quilling is very simple – from many thin, but long stripes, it is necessary to twist the required amount, size, then to collect them in the composition. The simplest and most common use of this technique is jewelry on postcards, only for starters you will need to buy strips for quilling. In quilling there are several standard paper -cooler forms.

For this art, materials can be made independently. For example, take colored bilateral paper and cut long strips. But it is important not to forget to check the thickness of the paper, it should be slightly dense, because when twisting, the thin paper will not keep the shape. The standard width of the finished stripes is about three (and reaches five) milimiters.

You can get the material in the other way. Just look into a specialized store. There you will be offered corrugated quilling paper, scissors, a whole kit for quilling and much more.

You need to prepare a tool for paper. It should be even and convenient for you, it is with its help that you can neatly and beautifully roll up the stripes. It, as well as paper, can be obtained in several ways. You can take the usual toothpick, cutting off the pointed part from one end.

On the resulting stupid part, make an incision, for example, by a clerical knife, about 5 mm. The second version of the tool is a rod from a ballpoint pen. It is better to take the used one. But the rod must be from the ball, and not from the gel pen. In the second case, the radius of the rod is quite large for our needlework technique. By choosing a rod, treat it in the same way as a toothpick. Well, and an option for lazy people – buy it in a store.

We need glue. It is better to use PVA, but in some cases it is better to take glue-pencil. Take either ordinary or thin cardboard as paper. The type of paper will depend on the craft that we want to get in the end. As for scissors, they should be pointed, small. It is more convenient to work with such.

Some masters use tweezers. It is needed in order to hold the turns that turn out when twisting.

What is the technique of this skill after all? You need to take stripes and insert them into the slot of your tool. Next, start twist it, creating a uniform tension with your actions. Then carefully remove the resulting tool from the tool. The finished product is called a spiral or roll. You can glue the tip of this spiral and get one of the figures.

But the main element in paper cooler is free roll. It can be obtained if the tight spiral is glued to the tip immediately, and then when the paper is slightly promoted to the desired effect. And only then should the end be fixed. It is from free roll (spiral) that many other figures can be obtained. For example, triangles, rhombuses, elongated ellipses. They are called closed forms.