Photo album for a newborn with your own hands

The birth of a child is one of the most long -awaited and pleasant moments in the life of every person, so during this period of time, when your child is just starting to take the first steps, I want to take as many original pictures as possible using the camera. During this period of time, young children are most interesting, since they make all their movements unconsciously. Having taken a lot of pictures of your baby, of course I want to somehow take them out, of course, you can use the usual photo album, but you can make a photo album with your own hands, which will be much more pleasant than the store. Such an album will differ from the usual, not just an original style, but you can also add your comments on each photo.

To make a photo album for a newborn will be a rather exciting and useful activity, and it will not be so difficult. Creating a photo album, first of all, you will need a dense cardboard or several album sheets. When you made the cover and inserted sheets of thick paper there, you must fasten them. That your photo album has an aesthetic appearance, you must pierce all the sheets with a hole punch, after which you can flash the album with dense threads or insert a spring, which will be more reliable. Of course, there may be a lot of options for fastening the album sheets, for example, instead of threads, you can use a satin tape and tie it with a bow, so it will be more convenient for you to insert new sheets with photos in your album.

The cover of a photo album, of course, should be made of dense cardboard which can be glued with a color self -adhesive film, such a film has all kinds of colors and shades including gold and silver color. But, you can glue the cover with velvet or satin by the old fashioned way, from which the album will look no less attractive. The fabric is glued quite simply, for this you must prepare a bracier of flour and water. A photograph of the baby is on the front side of the album or you can glue the photo of the whole family.

It is very important, before starting to construct a photo album, you must have a clear plan for the design and design of the album. As well as as a rule, photographs are inserted strictly in chronological order by months. It is best to start making an album with photographs from the very beginning of the birth of a child, where there will be a newborn and happy faces of parents in the frame who leave the hospital. After that, it will be appropriate to insert pictures where the whole family is captured in the photographs, the baby’s acquaintance with his grandparents and all relatives. During this period of the baby’s life, you can insert pictures of how he smiles, his first bathing and how he eats, try to take pictures and shoot your baby in moments of surprise. You can also insert the first drawings of the child into the album, or some kind of commemorative things that, as the child grows up, he himself was interested in leafing through the album.

So that photos from the album can be removed not necessary to glue them with glue enough in the corner of each photo to attach a small corner into which you will insert pictures. If you do not plan to take out photos, then you can use tape or paper – self -adhesive and carefully attach photos, you can also use a stapler.

By creating a photo album, each sheet can be signed by a marker, helium pen or felt -tip pen. When designing an album, you can also use scrapbooking paper or use foil and clippings from magazines.

Having beautifully designed a children’s photo album, you can proudly show it to your friends, acquaintances, and it will also be pleasant to observe the very first moments in the baby’s life, how sweet, funny, naive how he took his first steps. All these moments are important not only for parents, but the child himself will be interested in leafing through the children’s album and compare himself how he was and what he became.