Physical activity for pregnant women

Doctors do not recommend the loads of expectant mothers, especially when the woman is in the early stages of pregnancy, when there is a threat of breakdown. But how to stay in shape and do not gain overweight to birth until childbirth. There is only one answer – hiking. When walking, the pelvic bottom muscles are strengthened, which is a natural prevention of constipation and hemorrhoids that can occur during pregnancy.

At this time, try to move in the office more, do not sit at home in the evenings. Use the time of the year in your favor. Since winter is coming, purchase an electric snowman Patriot 621 in order to benefit with the benefit of physical labor. You can use it without problems to clean the house or pre -CTS territory. In this case, you will move and breathe fresh frosty air, which is extremely useful during pregnancy.

Invite your husband, girlfriend or mom to walk in the evening in the nearest square. Ideal if you have a dog. She certainly will not let Leni envelop you with her own. Just don’t forget to get dressed more when it’s cold outside, and always choose comfortable shoes. It is better to refuse heels at this time. After all, now you are responsible not only for your health.

Use a pre -lane bandage. It will help the abdominal muscles to keep your baby in the right position and will warn the lower back pain.

In the late stages, try not to walk alone. Do not leave home also without an exchange card. After all, miracles occur precisely when they are not waiting for them at all.

After a walk, do not take up household duties. Lie a little or just relax with a cup of tea. In order to avoid swelling, raise your legs above the pelvis level. You can ask your loved one to do a relaxing massage.

The main thing is to remember that during pregnancy everything should be pleasure. Therefore, you do not need to force to leave the house if you do not want.