Positive family and where love lives?

Let’s draw a small express – a test, according to the results of which it will be possible to judge how important love, positive relationships are for you and what exactly love means for you. Interesting? Then let’s get started.

Take a small sheet of paper and draw your image on it, it is not necessary to draw small details at all, only the most basic departments of the body will be important to us, and designate with crosses, ticks, circles, and what, in your opinion, love lives. As we have already said, perform the task as you think it is necessary, that is, perhaps you will notice one hearth, and perhaps several. Now let’s start deciphering the dough and understand how important positive relations are for you.

If you designated the hearth in the figure – legs. Legs are the most important support in our body, and the support is in the literal and figurative sense of the word. It is thanks to this support that we can move forward, here we mean direct importance, but we will not forget about the figurative, if you have chosen your legs, then you are ready to lead a partner as a guide to a positive relationship. You are like a locomotive at the railway composition, you are a stone wall that will be hidden behind, and sometimes your partner does it with pleasure. However, dealing with your legs, you must not forget to give them rest, otherwise the matter can lead to overvoltage and, as a result, your support will not be able to serve you and provide properly. In other words, do not forget to give a rest to your partner – the locomotive, even if he feels weak and defenseless, well, at least for a couple of hours..

If you designated the focus of the pelvis. Pelvis is a symbol of attraction and sexuality. It is in this organ that such a reverent and excellent attraction to the partner appears. However, it is not worth playing with the feelings arising in this organ, the fact is that we are not subject to the appearance or disappearance of attraction, but we can control them. It is amazing that we can sometimes be in a positive relationship with a loved one and at the same time be attributed to a completely outsider for us. This phenomenon is in order of norm, primitive feelings and attraction to guest marriages are still alive in us, but our mind, of course, will not allow us to do this and will be right.

If you designated the belly with a hearth. Such a designation is most likely about the harmony existing in your pair, because the designation of the abdomen is a sign that says that you trust your partner, as yourself, love it as it is, without embellishment and exaggeration, we congratulate you – we congratulate you You have a truly strong, positive family.

If you have indicated the heart of the heart region. With a similar designation, an extraordinary, polar interpretation is possible, namely, the designation of the chest speaks either of a great love for a partner or a huge disappointment in his personal life.

If you designated your hand. Such a designation can characterize you as a person capable of the construction of truly feelings, not only with partners, but also with relatives and relatives.

If you designated your face. Having designated this area of ​​the body, we can say that you are a person – a mask, there is nothing wrong with each of them, we can have a mask in society, as well as in a relationship, you can be completely different, who you are now.

If you designated the heart of the eye. Eyes – mirror of the soul. Having identified this area, you most likely subconsciously designated some problems that you have in your relationship, you are afraid to cross through some invisible line, after which you will certainly be expected only positive love and complete harmony, so you should not be afraid, forward – to meet happiness.

If you designated your head with a heart. The head is one of the most important organs in our body. A reasonable person is guided by thoughts before performing an action, however, do not forget that feelings are sometimes not subject to reason, do not measure and think about everything, let at least sometimes be easy recklessness and let the situation on a duckling, positive relations begin with this.