Potap character or stage image

Potap character or stage image? Whether the artistic image of the real one corresponds – often interests fans of the work of many stars.

Of course, the interest in the work of Pota-Pa (the real name Alexei Potapenko), the attacks of his personal life are explained in many ways by the fact that in his work there is a place for different genres and songs for spectators of different ages. Although basically Potap is a talented rapper. CCTV SISTEMS Buy in Minsk.


Alexei’s mother was the world record holder for swimming, and father was a military. Alyosha from childhood understood what order, discipline and overcoming difficulties are. A distinctive feature of Potap was the ability to always defend his point of view, to prove his case even in a conversation with the elders and teachers. Probably, like any teenager, Alyosha wanted to rebel and show his “I”. It is possible that in adulthood this feature manifested itself in such a non-standard stage image of a bully, which allows him to return to his childhood and survive some kind of childhood situations, which did not have enough time due to constant employment and stay in certain framework.

Good family man

At the same time, Potap has a strong family, in which three children are brought up (two of his wives from his first marriage, and the third – general). And this indicates that he is a reliable man who can be responsible for other people and delight those who are nearby. In the multifaceted personality of Potap, everyone can find something for themselves. To some young boy, let his hooligan image help and betray the strength in solving problems. The young man who makes a choice of love, the example of Potap will tell you that the family is a responsible matter; dreaming of a young girl representing herself in the place of Nastya Kamensky, will tell you what the chosen one should be in her life; Well, solid people let it appreciate his ability to combine the features of a bully with the role of the father of the family.