Practical and beautiful gift bedding

The choice of a gift of many is at a standstill. What to give to a sister on March 8 or friends on the day of marriage? A bedding set is what you need.

The tradition of covering the beds with tissues appeared relatively recently (the first references in the 15th century), and after 3 centuries, bedding became an obligatory attribute of the attributed for each bride. Silk was considered the richest material, those who lived more modestly bought cotton or linen sleeping sets and embroidered various patterns on them. Such an inheritance in the form of decorated pillows, tablecloths, pillowcases and sheets spoke of the hard work and needlework of the bride. Today little has changed. A set of beautiful and high -quality bedding is a really good gift.

To whom such a present is suitable and how to choose the best?

Today in online stores the assortment and prices are quite diverse. And today, many buyers find an online bedding store Ivanovo one of the most profitable. Basically, natural or synthetic fabrics are used for the production of bedding. The first refers to cotton – wear -resistant, holds heat better than other tissues, is pleasant and harmless to the body, the calico is not the best option for a gift (more affordable in price, but too rude and dense to the touch). The last type of cotton fabric popular in the production of bedding is a percal: smooth, beautiful, but quickly deformed after washing. Synthetic polyester is like cotton, but requires careful care, which is unlikely to be suitable for a gift.

Despite the practicality and need of sets, not everyone can give them. Bed linen – an intimate gift, is suitable only for loved ones. In other cases, you may simply not be understood correctly. For example, if a woman gives such a set to a boss or an unfamiliar woman. But the newlyweds and friends for the anniversary (1 year – Sitz wedding) is perfect. Just keep in mind, you need to know the size of the bed and pillows, not all of them have a standard size. Therefore, if you want to make a really useful gift, specify such nuances.

Give and delight your relatives and loved ones with a beautiful bedding for or without reason.