Rating of the most popular procedures

A fairly large number of procedures have been invented in the modern world in the field of beauty that help women to maintain beauty and return youth. Which procedures are more and which are less in demand?

Figure correction.

This procedure is in the first place. Since the moment is in fashion for fashion, women are trying to get as close as possible to the stated standards and ideal by any possible ways and means. That is why the correction of the price figure for which is more than available, is in great demand, being a leader among other procedures.


The face is a visiting rush of every woman. And there are no such fair sexes who would not want to look young and worthy. That is why modern relevant specialists invented a number of procedures, with the help of which you can significantly rejuvenate, getting rid of undesirable facial and deep wrinkles on the face and décolleté.


The desire to look well -groomed even without makeup, which needs to be endlessly corrected, pushes women on trips to a cosmetologist, who are happy to make a tattoo. Most often, tattooed is applied to the lips and eyebrows, although women are happy to do tattoo on the eyelids.

Nail extension.

Helled hands are very beautiful. And since long nails with exquisite manicure are welcome in the modern world, you can not do without extensions. This procedure is painless, safe and affordable, therefore, every second woman uses it according to statistics.

Hair extension.

To complete the impeccable image, women decide to build hair, if they themselves do not have a sufficiently thick hair or they are not satisfied with the length of the hair. In the modern world, there are no clearly spelled out rules what ideal hair should be, the main thing is that the hairstyle and length of the hair go to a woman.