Recipes of the best masks for healthy hair

Smooth and brilliant hair at all times were considered indicators of not only beauty, but also a woman’s health. The braid of a modern girl is subjected to a lot of tests – adverse weather conditions and the influence of the environment, paints, varnishes and shampoos with burdenses, curves, chemical curls. All these factors do not affect the health of female hair in the best way, so for a modern girl you just need to know and apply several recipes for restoring hair masks.

Of course, the modern beauty industry gives a tremendous assortment of a variety of restorative means, but a mask prepared from the gifts of nature will have the best effect on your hair.

Recipe 1.

Onion mask with burdock roots

It is recommended to use when hair loss. Onion juice activates the work of hair follicles, so that after the first use the loss will significantly decrease. Burdock will strengthen hair, give it a healthy shine.

To prepare the mask, you need:

4 parts of juice or gruel of onions;

6 parts of the infusion of rhizomes of the burdock;

1 part of vodka or cognac.

Rub into the base of the hair roots for 2-3 hours (a light burning should be felt), then thoroughly rinse with shampoo. Repeat two to three p. during the week.

Recipe 2.

Mask for dried and damaged hair with burdock, castor, olive, coconut, corn oil.

These oils contain a large number of nutrients necessary for our hair. The mask on their basis will give the hair of softness and a healthy shine. Not recommended for oily hair.

To prepare the mask, you need:

oil (any of the listed)- 1 spoon;

dry color of calendula or chamomile – 1 spoon;

half a glass of vodka or medical alcohol.

Apply evenly to the length of the hair, insulate (wrap in polyethylene and towel), leave for 30-60 minutes. Wash with shampoo. Repeat one to two r. during the week.

Recipe 3.

Mask from Aloe-Vera

Nectar Aloe-Vera is abundant by nutrients, has a restoring effect. Recommended for dried and damaged hair.

For preparation, you need:

Nectar Aloe -Vera – 1 spoon;

Nectar lemon – 1 spoon;

Egg yolk – 1 piece;

honey – 1 spoon;

Garlic clove – 1 piece chopped to the state of gruel. Garlic can be replaced with a small bulb.

If you are allergic to honey, pollen or citrus fruits, refuse to use these ingredients!

The resulting composition is vigorously rub into the scalp, insulate with polyethylene and towel. Leave for half an hour, then wash off shampoo. It is allowed to slant with any herbal decoction. Repeat 1-2 p. in Week.