Rhinoplasty – dreams of perfect nose come true!

Nature, unfortunately, does not always guess our wishes for our own appearance. The point here is not that your nose is bad (too long, too small, with a large hump, snub -nosed, etc. P.), and in your perception of your own appearance with such a “defect”.

The only direct indication for the rhinoplasty procedure is nose injuries that make it difficult to breathe – the rest is already whims. But why not? After all, it is possible to bring your face to the ideal today, and for quite affordable money.

Such beauty is achieved in two ways possible at the moment – closed or open rhinoplasty. The closed version is less traumatic and does not leave scars, but there are a number of situations when it is not effective. If you are configured at all costs to get the perfect result, consult with a doctor how it is better to act. After the open operation, the result can be evaluated six months or a year later, while with a closed this period it will be less than six months. But if you decide on surgical intervention, then you can wait. Of course, rhinoplasty is not a simple and not painless, but if the doctor does everything competently, and the patient complies with all the requirements of behavior in the rehabilitation period, then he will not have any problems.

When preparing for the operation, take into account the moment that the rehabilitation period on average lasts fourteen days, in which you are unlikely to lead a familiar way of life. During this period of time, painful sensations are possible, plus a constant wearing of special sterile tampons is required. Until the tumor subsides, the patient must wear a special bandage. Watch out about a good rest for the entire rehabilitation time – this is important not only for the perfect nose, but also for your health in general.

Operation on the correction of the shape of the nose is a full -fledged surgical intervention, which is carried out under anesthesia. Preliminary conducting medical examinations is mandatory, so if you are offered to do everything just like that, on the move, run from this clinic. So that there are no complications during the operation, warn the doctor about the possible presence of chronic and acute diseases, an allergic reaction to the drug. Before surgery, you should not smoke, use aspirin and other drug coagulation.