Rights and obligations for adolescents

Keep in mind: adolescents cannot immediately give complete freedom. Try to make their growing up gradually, for this it is necessary to dose in equal proportions and rights and obligations. For example, if you bought fashionable sneakers are not expensive and at the same time your child is bad to take care of them, then you must immediately make it with the duty to properly care for such shoes that they can wear them for a long time. It is worth noting that you can buy sneakers at an affordable price, for example, here Tyfli. .

Not only children will have to change, but also parents – they will have to learn to see an independent person in their baby, who will inevitably have to look for their own paths in life.

In conversations with your grown child, do not use phrases that you do not use, for example, in conversations with your friends: “How dare you!”, “I know better!”,” What could you do so!”. Such prohibitions act on a teenager as provocations, he will strive to violate them in order not to be led, even if somewhere deep down to be aware of your rightness. Orders are especially annoyed if they are accompanied by the phrase: “You are already an adult!”

What should be done? Put the tasks for the child. But instead of saying: “Buy oil and vegetables in the store” say: “I can’t cook dinner right now, it would be nice if you took up it and bought everything you need”. Equality begins when parents cease to sacrifice their interests, as they did when their children were babies.

And one more thing: teenagers will be useful to communicate with adults, but not with those with whom they talked in childhood. Part -time work, tourism, sports, volunteering, various adult contests – all this will enable the teenager to enrich his experience, find out other people, besides parents, school teachers and peers.