Robots vacuum cleaners for the zodiac basin are already on sale

Recently, the Zodiac Robots, designed to clean the bottom and the walls of the pools, were on sale. They use a new vortex absorption technology, which allows you to create a powerful whirlpool in the filter itself, so the garbage is in a suspended state, and the filter for the pool does not clog the online women’s clothing store. Robots are controlled remotely, using a special remote control. It is possible to correct the cycle of work by time.

There are many grades of vacuum cleaners for pools on the market, but manufacturers of these rabots-perpeters advise to acquire their brainchild for several reasons. Firstly, due to its small size, compactness; secondly, due to ease of maintenance; And, in the third, due to durability. These robots-sprayers are suitable for any types of pools, including for plastic pools, and for prefabricated pools, and for stationary structures. Of course, a lot depends on the quality of the water, but it has little effect on the “zodiac”.

Today, many are striving to equip the pool in the country. After all, the construction of the pool is inexpensive, service too. But how many pleasant moments he gives in the summer. In addition, many models of frame, prefabricated pools appeared on sale. And such a problem as buying a pool for a summer residence no longer arises. And the assembly of the pool is a very simple procedure that does not require a lot of time. It is also possible to equip the pools with water attractions. But in order for the pool to serve for a long time, it must be periodically cleaned, and for this, vacuum cleaners-robots are best suited.

Robot Automatic Automatic “Zodiac” can work without stopping up to three hours. The kit has a floating electric cable with floats 18 meters. There are three pumps at the Zodiac, the width of the brush is 270 millimeters. The cost of such a robot permissive is about 70 thousand rubles, which is not so expensive for such equipment.

The robot vertebrae cleanses any surface. There are no barriers to him. Filters that are equipped with Zodiac are beautifully cleaned.