Rules for the choice and use of men’s underwear

What to choose: convenient or fashionable, short or long, tanga or boxers, plain or printed? How many panties should be and which is better to choose models? These and many other issues arise in men and women who plan to purchase new men’s underpants.

Give answers to these questions and help buy underwear for real men, expert advice will help:

Down with everything old, long live everything new! Often men wear underpants even after they lose their appearance and begin to look essential. The first rule that should be followed: you need to change linen at least once a year.

And you have 10 panties? How to count how many panties should be in the wardrobe of a man? The mustache is very simple: at least two pairs for special occasions, two pairs (spacious models) for sleeping, and 5-6 pairs for every day.

If you want to be in trend – study brands. To date, there are many brands, the main activity of which is sewing male underwear. If there is a desire to always be and in everything in trend, you need to choose a brand for yourself, which will forever settle in the wardrobe of underwear.

Down with boring monotony! Even if you are very convenient in boxers, you should not deny yourself the pleasure of blaming other models. Like other clothes, panties are able to influence the mood, which means their diversity in the wardrobe should be maximum.

Hold your underpants clean. Panties are considered dirty not when they begin to smell, but after you wore them one full day. Some men completely forget about this rule and in vain. Clean panties are proper hygiene. Therefore, wash the underpants more often.

Panties must be mandatory! Some men prefer not to wear linen with some elements of clothing, for example, with shorts. This is extremely not desirable, both from the point of view of aesthetics and for hygiene reasons. And one more piquant moment: cowards are able to restrain and hide the fact of your sudden excitement. And if they are not on you, you will not fall into a confusing situation for an hour.