Submarine stones of beach novels

Every woman, going to rest for the sea, deep down, hopes that she will find a good man who can surround her with love and affection. Of course I want such love to be not only a fleeting adventure, but preserved for a long time. How to behave on hot beaches, so as not to return home with longing and sadness?

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It must be remembered that the resort romance for most men is only an exciting adventure, behind which no prospects are followed.

Positive moments of the resort novel:

– Resort – daily holiday. This is the rare chance when a man can be generous, romantic, gallant and passionate for a long time. In ordinary life, few people work out – finances, and life does not allow to turn around.

– You can lie and embellish during flirting, because here a distant country and no one will know anything about Tebn

– It is possible that the resort novel will become the beginning of great love, and maybe you will meet your soul mate.

– If you find a bright and emotional man – this will be a great way to defeat depression and despondency generated by office work.

Negative sides of the beach novel:

– You should not talk about your vacation to all friends – it is possible that your husband or guy will soon know everything, and you will part.

– Not only beautiful knights, but also scammers rest in the resorts. These men will first fall in love with you, and then make up to the thread.

– With the slightest negligence, you can return home with pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

– You can really fall in love, and then after returning home a new depression awaits you.

However, in any case, do not regret the past resort novel. In life, everyone makes mistakes, it is quite possible that after one of them you will be real.