T -shirts are more diverse than it seems

T -shirt with short sleeves is all that comes to mind the average buyer when he hears the word “T -shirt”. This type of clothing can be seen daily in a variety of places, and sometimes it seems that the “design” of this type of clothing, if it varies in different products, is slightly. This is not entirely true, and in reality there are many varieties of T -shirts.

The simplest type of T -shirt is at the same time and the most famous. Round neckline, straight cut short sleeves. Color is usually plain, although there are also options for t -shirts with inscriptions. They, however, do not form a separate variety, unlike t -shirts with a complex sleeve shape. Firstly, in some cases, T-shirts have a long sleeve. Secondly, there are sleeves in the form of “Raglan”. In general, a simple T -shirt is something like the foundation, using which, you can get a unique product that will become one of a kind as a result.

A separate type of T -shirts are those that have no sleeves at all. These are t -shirts, not T -shirts, which are a variant of underwear. Sleeveless T -shirt is more designated in hot weather, and, when it comes to a man, on an athletic addition.

Another detail of the T -shirt, which can vary noticeably – this is a neckline. The standard cut shape is round, but more and more often on the streets you can see others, and quite interesting options.

A very important aspect is the division of t -shirts into male and female. It is more difficult to choose a female T -shirt, since most girls prefer to profitably serve the best parts of their figure, and this is not every model allows. On SMAYKA. you can find many samples designed primarily for women. As a rule, diversify the options for female T -shirts much wider than male. Varys both the shape of the cut and the length of the sleeves.