Than to occupy a child to have time for household chores?

Probably in the life of every young mother there were such moments when many urgent things have accumulated in the house, but the little child categorically does not want to let her go away and does not allow her to work. What to do so as not to upset the child and at the same time manage with important matters? The answer is simple – to occupy the child with an interesting thing.

One of the simple and at the same time effective ways to distract the child is computer games.

The easiest way to switch the child’s attention to something else is to give him a new toy, the baby will definitely be interested in an unfamiliar object, and at this time you can have time to work out by the economy. However, over time, the toy ceases to be new and interesting, and stock up with pleasant surprises for the baby for every day is quite problematic, so you can simply come up with some new game with an old toy, for example, offer to dress it in trimming unnecessary fabrics, or do it for it for it is a machine from an empty shoe box. Also invariably interesting activities for the child are modeling and drawing. In order not to worry about the baby’s health, you can buy special finger paints – they are not toxic and absolutely harmless, even if your child decides to taste them, and the ability to draw directly with your hands will definitely delight the child.

Another option is to offer the child to do household chores with you and turn the routine into a game. You can compete with the baby who will quickly put the toys in the closet, wash the plate cleaner or carefully gets old. You can also come up with an interesting fairy tale, where the main character will be the nickname, either your baby, and explain to him that now various trials and treasures await him as a fabulous hero ahead. Various trinkets or sweets can act as treasures.