The benefits of eye drops from aloe

Eye drops are a biologically active product that can be used in order to relieve fatigue from the eyes.

In addition, it can be used to treat the disease of the organs of vision. If you use the drug, then it is able to help many people today. Moreover, the drug can improve vision to people with diabetes.


The composition of the drug contains active substances. It can be:

Aloe extract and high -quality bee honey.


Water with silver ions.

There is an instruction in the package.

pharmachologic effect

In general, the scarlet drops have been known since ancient times, so they have been used in Egypt and ancient Greece. To date, complete information has been formulated by academician Filatov. According to his teaching in isolated fabrics, different processes can go, the task of which includes the preservation of life.

The academician found that the isolated tissues of the aloe plant, when they are placed in special conditions, then various kinds of biochemical changes can occur in them. As a result, the development of special biologically active substances is obtained. Such substances are called biogenic stimulants. They can activate the life functions of the whole organism. The drug is made according to the method of Filatov and is a rather complicated complex.

Production technology

It is difficult to make it in conditions far from laboratory. In order to produce scarlet drops for the eyes, you need to use mature aloe leaves, by age they should be 15 years old. Such plants are usually delivered from South America. In addition, flower honey can be added to the eye drops. If we talk about honey, then it is a source of the most valuable compounds that are needed in order for vision to function correctly.

This may include: carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. These elements are necessary for the eyes to be healthy. Honey is able to improve the nutrition of eye tissue. He can fight a decrease in vision well. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of vision for any person. If good vision, a person can see the splendor of snow and faces of loved ones and this is expensive for him.

In this apparatus, silver ions play the role of an antiseptic and provide a bactericidal effect. Simply put, the drug is usually used to increase natural regenerative processes after eye injuries.