The benefits of solid varieties of wheat

Macaron products from such wheat varieties are very different from ordinary pasta, whose flour is grinded from soft varieties of wheat. Due to the special crystalline form of starch, the protein elements are held and preserved in such flour, in the future, their absorption in the body occurs easily and with benefit. Unlike soft varieties (they are used for baking bread, loaf, etc. D.), pasta from such varieties do not contribute to a set of excess weight.

There is an opinion that pasta is not a source of microelements useful for the body. However, the flour of solid varieties of wheat is rich in both vitamins and minerals. Today you can buy flour from hard wheat varieties, for example, here in the Mafusal online store. . at quite democratic prices.

The pasta of such flour contains B vitamin, necessary for harmony in both physical and emotional health. Also, macaronons from solid wheat wheat are rich in tocopherol, vitamin E, known as a natural antioxidant.

Also in flour made of hard wheat varieties contain vital minerals – iron, potassium and phosphorus. Some varieties contain manganese, important for the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels.

Experts proved that in macarons of hard varieties of wheat of protein more than soft ones are contained, and thanks to not an amorphous starch, it is well absorbed. And another important point – there are a lot of fiber in macarines of solid varieties of wheat, which contributes to rapid saturation and prevents overeating. That is why products from such flour do not affect the figure.

With the right preparation of pasta from hard varieties of wheat will serve not only a delicious dinner, but also raise the mood when cooking, take care of your body, saturating it with important components without harm to the risk of gaining weight. The cost of such pasta does not significantly exceed the price of pasta from soft wheat varieties.