The best places for photography of weddings

A wedding is, of course, the happiest and most solemn day for the bride and groom, but it is also a huge work and a tremendous volume of preparation for the holiday. Very often all these troubles fall on the bride’s fragile shoulders. She knows better where to find a suitable host, which is suitable for a chic restaurant, how to choose a professional photographer.

Indeed, for a girl, this is her most cherished dream, so she will not be brought to organize her personally, such an important stage in the service of the agency. Well, after wedding outfits, engagement rings are bought, a photographer was booked, the restaurant is ordered to think over the place for photography of weddings.

Most often, wedding trips with newlyweds are sent according to the exquisite sights of the city, taking pictures against the background of architecture and nature monuments. But for originality and extraordinary, you can change the direction, turn the wedding motorcade towards the bowling and make there an amazingly grand photo shoot there. Either look at Rolledra, the frames of the happy young people will be impressed by everyone, and the bride shod in skates will look cheerful and fervently. Another option, the bride scores the groom, in the large stadium, the newlyweds in the boots, which could be more original. Such a photography of weddings will not only save the entire charming wedding in memory, but also reveal the attitude of the lovers, conveying the pictures all tender and reverent love.

If, after an amazing football photo shoot, then you need to move on, since there are still a huge number of places where you can fix crazy and happy personnel. For example, the gym, just imagine a dazzling bride in a snow -white dress runs to meet his husband on a treadmill, or an arms store, a bride with a helmet on her head, instead of a veil, she has a crossbow and they are with her groom and there are back to her back, the same the most symbolizing joint support.

For amazing photography of weddings, such an institution as a circus, if it is available in the city, is suitable. The circus has excellent lighting and incredible atmosphere. For amazing pictures, you can use artists such as acrobats, clowns, fakirs.

If you want something delicate, romantic, soft, then you can use a picturesque place in the garden, where there are amazing swings, pre-decorated with flowers and plants. Also for this style, ancient coffee houses with an elaborate interior, art gallery, exhibition halls, museums, theaters are suitable.

And for video shooting of weddings, a library is amazingly suitable, where, once the newlyweds met each other. A professional photographer will simply make a fabulous staged shooting, and you just find your favorite works, remember and enjoy wonderful moments.