The correct kiss of the female world is a magazine for women

Each person, in life, has such a wonderful moment as a kiss!

And during the implementation of this instinctively – passionate action, it is advisable to use some principles that will increase the level of emotional euphoria and pleasure.

On, you can find an article on the topic of learning to kiss correctly, from which you can find out that the most important principle, in a kiss, is the desire to connect together! It is on the internal mood and desire that the satisfaction of kissing lovers largely depends.

Kisses are different. The second important principle follows from this: it is necessary to give free rein to your instincts and relax your restraint, it is necessary to release all the sexuality, which has been accumulating from the moment of the last kiss. You need to turn on imagination, but not think, but act. Simple smacking, biting the upper lip, or lower, so to speak, tender licking of the partner’s lips, and of course, the use of a French kiss.

The third, but no less important principle, is the transfer of feelings. Kisses should reflect the inner world, the world of animal passion and the unbridled mind, combined with common mind and accumulated experience. Each kiss should cause a sense of comfort, happiness and gratitude to life, he must convey all these feelings to a partner, he must charge with energy and how to “demolish his head” in his youth.

In any situation, it must be remembered that kisses are part of erotic games that provoke, develop and brighten up love.

For men: During sexual love games, a partner’s body kisses, covering her “charms” over a long period of time, about 10-20 minutes, will be the key to a grateful look of a partner filled with sincere happiness and respect. At the same time, kisses should not be like an automatic queue in style: his leg kissed – a checkbox, kissed his hand – a checkbox. In this case, the principles described above are also acceptable. Kisses should proceed from the heart, in order to turn the current pastime in the golden times of future memories.