The main thing is to correctly and in time to diagnose

The task of every family woman is to monitor the state of health, both her own and members of her family. And for this there is absolutely no need to be a profile doctor. It is enough to pay attention to the deterioration of health in time and go to the doctor who can make a diagnosis in time. What are the main diseases should be diagnosed in time?


The disease of the gastrointestinal tract is one and quite nasty in terms of influence on health in general. That is why the dyspepsia should be noticed and diagnosed with you as quickly as possible. And only then can you go to the medical center and treat. But before that, you need to find out how to independently conduct diagnostics and what are the first signs of the appearance of dyspepsia.

Viral diseases.

Very often attributing everything to a simple acute respiratory infections, many women can miss the moment when it is worth starting intensive treatment of tonsillitis or influenza. And it happens that bronchitis can be mistaken for acute. If you have no experience in proper diagnosis, in no case should you start treatment before the correct diagnosis is made. This is especially true for child diseases. It is necessary to know exactly what the body is sick, otherwise when ignoring treatment or improper treatment, you can get complications.

Inflammation in the body.

Inflammation in the body can manifest itself as a temperature. It can testify about anything, for example, that something is wrong with the tooth or that there was a turning point. It is very important not to ignore it is not clear where the temperature has come from and be sure to consult your doctor. Remember that temperature without reason can simply not be.

Only vigilance and timely appeal to a specialist will help you cure yourself and your family.