The role of hours in the image of a modern fashionista

No matter how long there are a clock that should be worn on the wrist, they remain in the modern world a very attractive, full of charm accessory. And if men prefer a watch of strict forms and classics, using exclusively for its intended purpose, then women see in them primarily an excellent addition to any image.

Young girls going for a walk around the city with friends will probably pick up things in a city, relaxed style, so Casio watches will be very useful. A romantic evening, an elegant dress and, of course, small watches on thin bracelets from ribbons or chains.

Currently, not only time brands, but also famous fashion houses, popular actors and athletes, placing their logos and branded signs are developing the development of wristw watches. The clock loses its function of the time meter, turning into a actual object of the finished image of a woman in any style. Moreover, some masters turn ordinary clocks into unique works of jewelry, a ornate golden bracelet inlaid with overflowing precious stones looks so bewitching.

The choice is huge, it remains to learn how to choose the right thing that is suitable for your appearance and style, a wristwatch. Business woman obeying the conventions of the dress code is unlikely to allow herself to wear sparkling jewelry during working hours, even if it is a watch. In this case, the hours of classic shape, not large size, with a laconic leather strap that fit tightly to the wrist, are the best suited. Active lifestyle and visiting sports classes may require the presence of electronic watches equipped with various additional functions, for example, a pulse measurement.

Special attention is the shape of the hand on which the clock is acquired. Large hands are harmonized with wrist hours of geometric shapes – square or hexagonal. Thin hands with long fingers can allow experimenting with wide or double bracelets, as well as unusual, asymmetric forms of the dial. Young romantic young ladies with delicate fragile handles, of course, will prefer a watch with original graceful bracelets of beads, chains and ribbons.

Increasingly, the watch becomes an obligatory attribute in the image of a modern fashionista, emphasizing the style and individuality.