The roles of a man and a woman in the family

It has long been known that the concept of “main in the family” is incorrect, because it is impossible to find a paramount of an equivalent. Each of the spouses has its own role and responsibilities that are important in absolutely equally.

But let’s decide what exactly mean under the “roles” in the family? This is, first of all, the correct distribution of duties between a man and a woman. And, contrary to the prevailing stereotype, this is not “a man brings money to the house, but a woman manages it correctly,” but something more. Even large purchases must not only be distributed and discussed, but also to share. If a woman understands more in comfort and home comfort, it is she who should make all the necessary accompanying purchases for her family nest. If you have to buy a new one or change the old mattress, then here are the contacts of the Mir Matrase store, where you can buy a mattress at the most affordable prices.

This is a subtle process of distribution of responsibilities in which the personal qualities of each spouses should be taken into account, their character and skills. It is also, of course, the financial capabilities and prospects for the development of both. Everything should be supported in balance and harmony. Each “I want” should be replaced by “we need” and “we can”. Only with the help of observing such a balance can some specific responsibilities of everyone in the married pair can be distinguished.

The main feature of family relationships is the uniqueness of each individual case. There are no two identical pairs, because there are no identical characters. Each couple will determine the same balance for himself, and hence the role. Nevertheless, there are always patterns and taboos that are the same for all. So, for example, a man is a defender, and a woman is a stronghold and reassurance. No one except the mother will care about his child and understand him like no one except his father will be an example of courage and reliability for him. This is laid in people at the level of instincts that existed and will exist for centuries.