True about weight loss tablets !!!

Which of us does not dream of getting rid of excess weight, without making any efforts for this? It seems that the easiest way is to eat a miracle -tblella ..

Is it so?

In the morning I drank a pill, and tomorrow the scales showed minus 2 kg! Moreover, kilograms have “gone” without any diets and exhausting physical exertion. This is the effect! Why then experts assure that losing weight tablets is bad? After all, there is an effect – and this is the main thing! Bunny for losing weight and truth, tablets help to lose weight faster than restrictions on nutrition and playing sports. Only now the side effects after taking such funds are unreasonably great – pressure surges, heart bouts, thyroid disease ..

Effective for a short time

Slimming tablets purchased in a pharmacy, and not “from hand”, really have some effect – but only for a very short time. Some of them contain stimulants that suppress the feeling of hunger, others act as a diuretic. After taking such tablets, the scales really show weight loss, but this does not happen by burning fats, but by eliminating excess fluid from the body. In most cases, as soon as you stop taking them, the weight returns again.

They cause addiction

According to the results of research, a long -term reception of losing weight tablets can lead to dependence on them. Especially dangerous are the products containing substances from the amphetamines group; herbal formulas with conifers, circles, hay; Food supplements containing a tyrantric (hormone).