Two main problems in relationships

The creation of relations is of the most important importance in the joint life of a man and a woman, however, as many people know, you can not do without specific problems in this matter. Similar problems sooner or later can arise even among fiery people who love each other. In order to find a way out of the situation, you need to know the essence of the problem, and this, in turn, will help solve it.


Misunderstanding is the most common problem in family relationships. There are situations when your words can be incorrectly understood or, on the contrary, you do not understand your partner correctly. Such problems can lead to much more serious problems in relationships. As a rule, misunderstanding arises due to the inability to convey his thoughts or unwillingness to hear a partner.

You can spend a large amount of time together, but if the quality of communication is at a low level, then you are unlikely to have a complete understanding of each other’s actions. This problem may arise from insufficient time spent together. With mutual employment, two parties are not very much for communication, and this, in turn, leads to misunderstanding.


Another most significant problem that can destroy relationships is selfishness. Very often a situation develops in which the opposite side perfectly understands the desire of his partner, but does not want to provide something to her, preferring to leave everything to himself. In such a situation, this is not about the lack of understanding, but about the lack of actions. If a person wants to be understood, but at the same time he does not want to understand another, then in this situation we can say that he shows selfishness. The problem of manifestation of selfishness can give rise to a number of other problems in mutual relations.

As a rule, an egoist wants his needs and desires to be fulfilled without taking into account the interests of the other side. If he does not receive what he wants, there are accusations against the other side, often unreasonable. Hence the misunderstanding arises. Misunderstanding often leads to anger, because the egoist intends to think that his interests are ignored intentionally. As a result, there is a scandal and deterioration of relations.

Perhaps some of these two problems may seem frivolous, but if you can get rid of them, protect yourself and a partner from misunderstanding and selfishness, your relationship will rise to a completely new qualitative level.