Useful tips for those who go on vacation to Spain

As you know, another country is a completely different world, with other traditions, order, customs and mentality. If you have to relax in Spain, and you do not know the local language, you may face a number of difficulties. It is important that the period of adaptation when resting in Spain will pass quickly and do not cause serious inconvenience.

Before the trip to Spain, as the source says, it is recommended to take a bank card with you and about half the funds on it in cash. In Spain, using a card, you can pay in almost any institution. Therefore, on a trip with you, you can safely take a card of the international payment system. Make sure that all actions with the card bank notify you about all the actions. For this, a special service is provided.

For entry into Spain, a visa and passport will be required. Documents can be left in the hotel directly upon arrival at the place, so as not to take them every time with you. According to the laws of this country, any foreign citizen must have documents for himself. Therefore, even before the trip, you can make a copy of the passport so that it always be with you. If you are used to carrying documents with you, sew a secret pocket, since the level of pocket thefts in Spain is very high.

If you are in an unpleasant situation, you can seek help from the police. Spanish police are national, it is engaged in work with foreign citizens who are in the country. There is a local police type in Spain, it is engaged in internal affairs and the police who are engaged in road control. Therefore, if you happened to you, look for the coordinates of the Policia Nacional, there they may be provided with a translator and will definitely help you. As a prevention of crimes, the Police of Spain does not recommend carrying the original documents with them. In addition, while in Spain, it is worth carefully monitoring your bags and pockets.