We select the fragrance to the mood

With the advent of the new month – a new stage in life comes. Dating with new people, bright events, impressions, and I want to be on the wave with these changes. There is a desire to change something in yourself, transform: make a new hairstyle, buy a dress or choose a new perfume. Each time of the year is associated with certain aromas, it remains only to choose those that are most suitable for your mood.

Selection of fragrance by time of year

Winter. The most difficult time of the year. Constant frost, cold and snow – do not warm the soul. I want to surround myself with warmth and comfort, feel protection and peace. At such a time of year, aromas with a note of cherries, muscles, cinnamon and vanilla are perfectly suitable. They create a home atmosphere and soothe. Using perfumes with these aromas, you will radiate peace and peace.

Autumn. This time of year evokes longing and a feeling of mild nostalgia over the past summer. Perfumes in bulk in Zhytomyr will help you to cheer yourself in your mood. On one of the next rainy days, please yourself with new perfumes with the aroma of musk or rose. Their exquisite smell will give you self -confidence, and will remind you that any time of the year, sooner or later, ends, and autumn will also pass.

Spring. The most romantic time when you want to sing, have fun and enjoy every day. Add to all this a new aroma with notes of citrus, apple or flowers. This will give your image spring spontaneity and lightness.

Summer. Bright sun, sea, sand – this is what the summer is associated with. This is a carefree time when most people are on vacation, and a feeling of freedom is in the air. Namely, this should be a summer aroma: independent, light, slightly perceptible. Sweet, fruit, as well as fresh aromas are perfect for summer.

Do not forget that not only perfumes should correspond to the seasons, but also your cosmetics. Depending on the weather outside the window, the color and structure of creams for the hands, body and face, the color of lipstick and shadows, shampoos, masks and air conditioners change. In winter and autumn – the skin requires protection from the cold, in the spring – she does not have enough vitamins, and in the summer – she needs to moisturize and protection against ultraviolet radiation. If you want to purchase everything you need, and at the same time save, you need cosmetics wholesale in Lugansk. Thanks to proper care, your skin will maintain elasticity, silkiness, health and beauty for a long time.

Remember that we ourselves create a mood. And no weather should be an obstacle. In every time of the year there is something good and special. It is important to notice these pleasant details and little things, and do not forget to bring notes of happiness into your life.