We will pick up an autumn wardrobe for the school together

To choose an autumn wardrobe for your child – sometimes the task is not from the lungs. Vast sometimes very discourages the parent. Fashion, fashion and once again fashion … You constantly hear it, see and even read it. But should she take first place when choosing clothes? I want to talk not about boundless shopping and fashionable practical purchases for our children, but about the right choice of autumn clothes for students and schoolchildren.

Beauty, fashion, economy and practicality, of course, important factors when selecting a school kit. I believe that for the fall it is practical to use water -repellent tissues. Although it is synthetics, our weather is full of such surprises as rains and winds, and it is such a fabric that can protect against getting wet and cold, and later from a cold. Remember, health, there is no money for money. In principle, the kit for schoolchildren should include waterproof: shoes and trousers, headdresses, raincoats and jackets, and, of course, an umbrella, some bright color. Nowadays, many children return late at dusk when street lighting is already turned on, so I advise you to choose clothes with reflective stripes or fabric, with reflective properties. This choice will be able to protect the child, for example, when crossing the “zebra”.

Let’s talk a little and about the backpack. He must have a water -repellent impregnation. If your child has to use public transport, then the backpack itself.

When selecting a business part of school clothing for the class, it is good to purchase a thin vest. During the autumn, multi -layer clothing can protect against hypothermia, especially if the heating season has not yet arrived. Today, industry in our country does not let out a good woolen female knitwear. For this reason, a mother who loves her child can learn to knit. The stores have a large selection of decor, they can decorate a related thing. To summarize the fact that, of course, synthetics is good for protection against rain, but not at all to protect against the cold.

Of course, it is more difficult to care for wool products, so choose special products for washing wool products. When choosing a school sundress, pay special attention to the cut and the opportunity to put a thin cotton sweater from knitwear in the offseason. The modern industry produces trousers from insulated fabrics with a raincoat, but such clothes are not very welcome in schools. I want to note that the school suit is ranked to the business style of clothing, and knitted sweaters, vests, raincoat trousers and skirts to a more sports. The struggle for the style in the class can lead to half of the sick. So, when we determined synthetics on the side of the child’s health. Good health to your children.