What a newcomer needs to know about the bead and beaded?

Beads began its existence in the distant past – it appeared almost with humanity. In ancient times, our ancestors also made various jewelry with the help of stones and small pieces of wood, which they dressed on threads.

This can be called the very first beads that appeared in the world. After some time, about 3,000 years ago, the Egyptian craftsmen invented glass, after which the glass beads came out. Then all the same Egyptians began to try beads in combination with other adventure and precious stones. They came up with all new products where beads were used. We can say that in ancient times our ancestors praised the whole charm and beauty of jewelry made from beads.

Currently, beads are also very popular among people. Now anyone can easily learn beadwork and create excellent bead jewelry. From it you can make such magnificent products as:





Necklace and much more.

Also, beads can be used to decorate ladies, jeans or clothes. With it, you can decorate everything you like.

What are the beads made of?

Beads are made in size from one millimeter, but there are times that its dimensions reach a diameter of one centimeter. Various materials are used in the manufacture of beads. From a wide variety, it is especially possible to distinguish: plastic, stone and glass. But in some cases, beads are found made of materials such as: metal, pearls, wood, bones, rubber and so on.

What are bead jewelry?

Of course, the most important attribute is not the beads itself, but those jewelry that were made with it. They emphasize in a person not only his individual characteristics, but also give an exquisite taste. When using beads, anyone can create small masterpieces and delight them with their close relatives and friends, and sometimes sell their creations – it all depends only on the mood and desire.

From beads, you can create jewelry for every taste, having previously watched cool master classes, it is a universal material. Another pleasant fact will be that such a jewelry was made with its own hands and it will definitely appeal to others, it is difficult not to see it. Thanks to the large color scheme and various forms, beads always pay attention to. Only beads can give clothes or, along with a certain highlight or charm.