What are we sleeping on? The conversation will go about bedding

A dream divides human life into two parts, a person spends one third of his life in a dream – two -thirds – awake. Sleep is an inevitable process in the life of any person, as the restoration processes necessary for life will not occur without him. Sometimes a good and strong dream becomes the best cure for fatigue and overwork.

By and large, the quality of sleep is directly proportional to the quality of the linen on which a person sleeps. As a rule, bedding is made from natural or artificial materials.

Lingerie made of natural materials

The first in the list will be a chintz. Lingerie made from Sitz is popular due to the favorable price and lightness in care. Also, underwear from such material is ideal for people suffering from allergies as it does not cause allergies. Another advantage of such underwear is quickly drying out. But, this material is like this, there are also disadvantages. The chintz tends to wear quickly, which is why it does not differ in the long time of the service.

Slamm. This name has a 100% fabric consisting of cotton. Due to its strength, such a fabric is considered universal, from it they can make both underwear and clothes. The calico also has several significant advantages over underwear made from the sitz. First of all, it is a high strength and almost complete absence of a decay process. Biazia linen can be easily washed in a typewriter.

Satin, another, less common name is Egyptian cotton. Sleep on linen made of satin continuous pleasure. It is characterized by high strength and easily tolerates any type of washing, which makes a set of linen from satin very durable. However, the disadvantage is the relatively high cost. Not everyone will allow you to buy bedding from satin in an online store.


The artificial silk includes 85% polyester and 15% satin. Lingerie made of artificial silk, both in appearance and to the touch, has practically no differences from underwear from natural silk. However, unlike the real silk, such linen does not conduct well and air and absorbs moisture. But an undoubted advantage of such underwear is ease of care and a very affordable price.

When choosing bedding, the first thing you need to rely on is your taste, possibilities and preferences. What robberies would not be our pillows and blankets, their main task remains to provide a comfortable and strong dream.